Insanely Ticklish Sam Is Back For More! (FULL HD version)


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What better follow-up the debut of Daisy Dolly than another insanely ticklish cutie! Sam returns for her second shoot, reminding us of just how ridiculously ticklish she is. She gets a thorough workout this time as she’s cuffed to the bull with feet in the stocks and tickled out of her mind! She squeals with laughter from the very start as her heels come off and her sheer nylon feet are tickled…it’s clear this is going to be a very intense scene! Sam is breathless and panting after only a minute but it doesn’t get any easier as her legs and body are just as ticklish. She thrashes wildly, laughing and shrieking as her armpits, sides, belly and thighs are all tickled, but Sam isn’t going anywhere! Unfortunately for her she’s insanely ticklish on every inch of her body so there’s really no let up. Returning to her feet, they are tickled with fingers and then the brush, which has her completely hysterical, before the nylons are ripped to expose her amazing bare feet. This proves even more intense for poor Sam who goes crazy as the brush works over her bare soles! Sam is exhausted by this point so we release her arms to focus on her feet in the final minutes. They are are so sensitive that even the feather drives her nuts as it moves between her bare toes and strokes her soles. It doesn’t end there though, and she gets an intense finale with fingers and the brush, making her shriek and scream until the end where she’s left to catch her breath. Sam really is one of the most crazily-ticklish people we’ve ever seen – and that’s saying something! 1080p Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) 10 mins 52 seconds

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