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Japanese Erotic Long Tongue dominatrix Iori’s series, (Scene 1 of 2).
“Where am I…?”
When he wakes up, he finds himself bound to a bed in a strange room.

While he was puzzled by the incomprehensible situation, the beautiful mistress appeared in a bondage outfit.
She gets on top of the man and explains the situation to him.

She explains, “Do you know why you are in this situation?
Because you’re a pervert who’s been picking up girls in town lately and sniffing their tongues.
I’m going to put a man like that down.”

And then she shows him, right in front of him, the biggest and longest tongue that even a man who has seen many women’s tongues in his life has never seen before…!

To the man, who was confused with fear and excitement at the incomprehensible situation, she opened her tongue to the full and licked his nose, as a first step.

She said, “See? You like tongue?”

This is a treat!
Just as the man is about to be relieved and happy, she puts the stinky root of her long, smelly tongue, which is covered with tongue moss, on the man’s nose!
Pressing it against the man’s nose!

He is gagged and his nose is sucked into her mouth!
The man’s lungs are filled with her halitosis!

She started to lick his face to punish him!

The man’s will is completely ignored, and even if he tries to escape, his head is grabbed with such strength that he cannot escape, and he is made to sniff her long tongue…!

This time, his entire face is covered with her very long tongue full of smelly saliva and tongue coating…!

Then she pours a lot of saliva into his ears, and her bodily fluids enter his body through every hole.

He is pushed down on the bed and made to be licked by her over and over again!

She smears his face with saliva from her hand!

Even the tongue-loving pervert thought he would be traumatized by this, but he couldn’t resist his instincts and got an erection.

She stroked his cock and said, “What’s this? It’s erect, isn’t it? “She was so reproachful to him.

Then she spit on his dick, gave him a spitting hand job, and started licking his face again!
She made him cum just like that…!

But it’s not over yet!

“I’m not punishing her, am I?”
And she continued to give him a hand job even after he ejaculated!
Naturally, her face licking didn’t stop…!

The pervert man begs, “I can’t do it anymore!” but her onslaught and saliva never stopped, and in the end, he fainted…!

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