Kendra James and Casey Calvert: Batwoman and Batgirl are shocking! 720


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Batwoman and Batgirl awake from a troubled s*lumber confused and bound to chairs. The last thing they remember is patrolling the night when they were attacked from behind and knocked out. They struggle to free themselves from the ropes and finally succeed in breaking loose. They stand and try to figure out who captured them and how to find them, but it doesn’t take long. A loud speaker comes on and a voice introduces herself as the Game Mistress. If Batwoman and Batgirl want to get out of this in one piece, they’ll play her games and do everything she tells them. If they don’t, well, the floor is electrified and all she has to do is press a button to send a jolt of electricity coursing through the superheroine’s bodies. Batwoman sticks up her chin and defiantly informs the Game Mistress she won’t go down without a fight. Her insolence is met with a zap of electricity nearly sending both heroines to their knees. They grudgingly relent and do the vileness’ bidding. She remomes  both their belts and throw them away, lowering the chances of either heroine pulling out an escape gadget. She then makes Batwoman humiliate herself by getting on her knees and worshiping Batgirl’s boots, licking and kissing them before removing both boots and sucking on the purple stocking covered toes. This excites the devious Game Mistress and she changes the rules, making Batwoman rip open Batgirl’s tights and expose her tight pink pussy. The detective refuses, but is only met with another shock of electricity so strong it nearly knocks her out. The superhero has no choice but to play the villain’s game. She bends Batgirl over and rips open her pantyhose to brandish her pussy. Even more horny now, the Game Mistress makes the red Knight to give the purple girl blunder an orgasm. Sobbing, the heroine slides a dildo into Batgirl’s pussy, pumping it in and out while she moans in tormented pleasure. Will the Game Mistress finally release them from this humiliation, or will she keep playing her games until they cease to amuse her?

includes: Kendra James, Casey Calvert, Anastasia Pierce, Batwoman, Batgirl, bondage, peril, foot worship, feet, pantyhose destruction, boot removal, belt removal, encouraged orgasm, dildo fucking, humiliated heroines, humiliation, SHIP, superheroines, cosplay, costumes, spandex, boots, Gotham parody, knock out, lesbian, girl-girl, self tired rag

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