Keys to Your Freedom (Ft Constance)


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We come to dummy with a proposition, laying there on the mat all helpless in his bondage sack. Squirm over to the keys and get them, and he can let himself out! Of course it can be argued that may not be exactly fair, given the fact that he has no use of his arms and will somehow have to get the key into the locking zipper. But thats really not Our concern!
Constance and I put him into scissorholds at will, and even a few scissorhold/facesit combos. It was also kind of fun to just lay on My stomach while Constance pressed his face straight into My butt and applied pressure. So many wonderful smothering techniques can be applies when he is so unable to defend himself!
There was even some spanking when I held his legs up in the air and Constance went to town! Spoiler alert: dummy failed to secure the keys. So We left him there on the mat frustrated.
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11 minutes



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