Killpussy vs Lady Lazarus: Pro Style


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It doesn’t take much to see the Killpussy has a distinct size advantage over the newbie Lady Lazarus. KP doesn’t seem impressed with her opponent but Lady Lazarus is up for the challenge! They get right into the match via test of strength that sees Killpussy get Lady Lazarus on the ground helpless. KP calls Lady Lazarus her plaything for the day but this doesn’t scare her off! It seems as though Lady Lazarus has a pension for pain! A rear naked choke + bodyscissor combo has Lady Lazarus tapping within seconds. KP isn’t satisfied as she puts her in the hold once again but lets go before shutting Lady Laz’s lights off.

Lady Lazarus ends up in the air via KP’s clutches–she picks her up then hits her with a backbreaker for a nice stretch. KP tosses Lady Lazarus like her own personal rag doll, using her size and strength to her advantage. A headscissors traps Lady Lazarus but she seems to enjoy it…until she starts to see stars! Lady Lazarus attempts some offense but is quickly thwarted by KP. Lady Lazarus finds herself in a bearhug, standing headscissor, schoolgirl pin, reverse headscissors, and more. This bout has elements of playfulness with moments of fear (from Lady Lazarus) as she realizes KP can take her out at any moment.

A final rear naked choke takes out Lady Lazarus for good. She is awaken by Killpussy’s butt as she sits on her face for her double bicep flex victory pose, but is out again soon after. KP wakes her up and they embrace, showing the rookie that she must go through the rite of passage in this arena.

13 minutes



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