LF270 Hooked Battle Heels II – ft Jordan vs Kelly 960MP4


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LF270 Hooked Battle Heels II – featuring Jordan vs Kelly (Custom Video)
Now in 1280×960 MP4.

43 minutes of rampaging heels and hooks action featuring face attacks and biting..

It’s rematch time as 5’10” Kelly faces off against her smaller antagonist, 5’0″ Jordan in yet another Heels and Hooks fight action match. Having lost the last match, Jordan is hell bent determined to win this one, come hell or high water. Sporting high heels and bikinis, the women lunge at each other with gusto and the battle rages on as each fighter vies for position to dominate the other with her heels, hooks to the mouth and attacks to the face, and biting if necessary. Using their heels to dig into their opponent’s tender flesh and their fingers to fish hook the mouth wide open, trying to make the other submit. When that doesn’t work, they resort to eyebrow pulling and biting. In the end, only one of these determined hell cats will walk away victorious..

Kelly and Jordan have battled before and there is no love lost between them. This match will determine if Kelly walks away the 2-0 winner or if Jordan is able to tie the series with her own victory over Kelly. This will be one hell of a war as they square off on the mats. Wearing her tall heel boots, Kelly poses an impressive figure over her smaller opponent but it’s not the size that counts, as Kelly will soon find out. Down to the mats they go and right away Jordan gets her fish hooks into Kelly’s mouth and starts pulling her lips apart. As they tangle it up, each tries to dig a heel into her opponent to inflict pain and suffering. Kelly manages to get on top of Jordan and with a firm grip of her eye brow, yanks as hard as she can. Squishing cheeks, tugging at ears and eye brows, these ladies aren’t being gentle with one another. Digging sharp heels into the lower back, belly and thighs while pulling on hair and arms, they try to inflict the greatest harm with each thrust.

Trapping Jordan’s wrists under heels, Kelly is able to torment Jordan’s face with nose tweaking and face attacks. But the little gal gets back to the attack when she can and delivers a vicious round of deep heels and hard hooks to Kelly in revenge. Using Kelly height against herself, Jordan pulls on Kelly’s arms as she digs her heels into the taller girl’s already tender belly, heels deep into the belly button. When Kelly breaks free, she’s looking for some payback but in a fit of anger, pins Jordan face down to the mats and proceeds to bite the back of her legs from the ankles upwards. Getting caught in a camel clutch is bad enough but even worse when pulled back by the eye brows as Kelly tries to bend Jordan back by the eye brows! Eventually, Kelly rips her opponent’s heels off and uses them to dig into Jordan’s tender skin. But that’s nothing compared to when Jordan finally gets her chance after breaking free and goes to town on Kelly. Ripping the tall boots off of her opponent, Jordan goes one step further and uses them to bind Kelly’s arms behind her back and her feet together allowing Jordan to use her own heels against the defenseless Kelly.. With heels to the ribs, belly, chest, cheeks and thighs, Kelly is in a world of hurt with no where to run.

Though briefly able to break free and get some of her own shots in, Kelly is soon again trapped by her own long boots and is put under the heels as Jordan sets out to make an example of her opponent with vicious and brutal heels and hooks action that leaves the taller red haired girl down and crying, defeated and broken. Jordan has her revenge win over Kelly and is strutting her stuff.. but will be enough for perhaps a deciding rematch later down the road!?

44 minutes



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