Locked In Pantry With Farting Girl


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“THE PANTRY” is one of my favourite realistic POV storyline fart videos. So realistic, as you watch this, you will feel trapped in there alongside me. This video is a real experience and another MUST-HAVE in your collection. 
The story: One of your new coworkers has invited you up to their lake house for a weekend party. While there, you all drive about ten minutes down the beach to a perfect spot for a cookout. After a few hours, someone realizes a few items were forgotten. You volunteer to drive back to the house to grab a few essentials from the pantry. You enter the house and open the pantry door to grab something… I dunno… a fresh new bottle of mustard, or some paper plates or something. When you open the door, you’re so shocked to find a woman inside… one of the other party guests has been stuck in the pantry all day! The pantry door slams shut behind you, and as it locks, you realize you’re trapped in there without any cell phone reception. Uh oh… she’s been in there awhile, and has been eating some majorly flatulence-inducing sugar-free candies to help her pass the time. There’s no way out, and now you’re about to get to know a very gassy new friend, while the two of you wait to to be “rescued”…

20 minutes



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