Long Bullying Schoolgirl Pin


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I just found my old school uniform tucked away in the attic. Little tartan skirt, soft little white panties, crisp white cotton shirt, white ankle socks and school shoes and they all take me back to when I was a bully at high school. I want some more bullying action and I’m going to get it!

He’s sitting on the floor in the living room sorting papers for an important meeting when I walk in and grab him and wrestle him down to the floor. He resists but I’m very strong and soon have his arms pinned under my shins, his face between my thighs and my little white panties resting on his chin in a classic schoolgirl pin, the sort I used to subjugate boys at school.

And I stay sitting on him in a lovely long, taunting, teasing schoolgirl pin for the whole movie. Every time he tries to resist, I tighten the pin so that my thighs hold him tighter and I pin his wrists with  my hands until he settles. I bully him by taunting and teasing him and not letting him move at all.

The frustration on his face and in his eyes makes me wet and when he tries to move I love making him helpless under me just as a good bully should. While I’m subjugating him, I slip forward so that my panties are on his mouth and pressing against his nose. This makes it a lovely very sexy schoolgirl pin.

Because I have him pinned, I count him out, teasing him all the way through a long count to five, flouncing my tiny skirt over his face occasionally so all he can see is my soft white panties and teasing him that he can’t move.

When I finish counting him out and then taunt him about it, he tries desperately to struggle free but being a bully girl means I can easily subdue him by stretching his arms out and spreading my knees wide to pin them. When I taunt him with, “Come on, tough guy,” he again tries to struggle free so I move his arms up beside his head and lock them in with my thighs. This makes my thighs even tighter around his face and he’s now utterly helpless under me.

A good schoolgirl bully pin should destroy the victim’s ego because he’s unable to move and has a taunting, teasing girl sitting on his face with her thighs holding his arms tightly for as long as she wants. That’s exactly what’s happening to him and I wriggle on his face to make it clear I’m on top and not going to get off.

If he tries to struggle, I lean forward and pin his arms with my hands which brings my pussy over his nose so he can’t get any air. That soon settles him down so I can sit back up and humiliate him about where he is just as a good bully should.

Just when he thinks I’m going to let him free so he can go to his meeting, I tighten my schoolgirl pin and tell him I want to count him out again but this time to ten. The look of defeat in his eyes makes my panty gusset very damp and as it’s pushing on his nose, he has difficulty getting any air. A long, drawn out, teasing pin count follows to ensure he is subjugated and his ego is destroyed by having a girl sitting on his face, controlling him.

When I can see in his eyes that I’ve broken him, I make him tell me he submits to me and that I’m better than him. Then I let him up and patronisingly tell him to get his paperwork done or he’ll be even later for his meeting.

I love having a man in a bullying schoolgirl pin and breaking his ego with my thighs and panties!

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