Louisa’s Decision: In Butt or Mouth? 6K VR360


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Hmmmm… What should I do with you?” Lou says, grasping your minuscule shrunken form in her first as she walks around the apartment – fully nude. She’s tired of finding all you little men around her house – trying to catch a peak of the blonde giantess. “Maybe you can look… for the last time.” She threatens to eat you – or maybe she’ll stick you in her ass.

I’ll try to stick you in my butt.” She says, after mentioning the futility of destroying tiny men – there’ll probably just be another one next week. You’re placed beside her ass, before she pulls you close and shoves you into her mouth. “You’re so tiny… I could eat you, just like that… Or I could (destroy) you by just sticking you inside my butt, like that.” she says, shoving you deep between her ass cheeks – closing you in the hot darkness with carefree amusement.

Lou eats a cookie, “Maybe I could eat you like this.” She shoves you into the abyss of her mouth just as she did the cookie, but you’re spared being chewed or swallowed alive – she pulls you out, making it clear that she wants to play with you more.

Or maybe I own you… you could be my house pet.” she snickers at the idea, before shoving you into her ass again. She pulls you out and entertains different ways should could eat you – with strawberries and milk, for instance – before realizing that you smell disgusting.

I think I will choose butt.” Before you have time to really comprehend the statement, you’re shoved into her ass – for the final time.


Themes: Giantess, VR, VR 360, POV, ass, butt, vore, mouth, full nudity, Lou, Blonde, handheld

Language: English (good!)   Cameras:  Insta onex

15 minutes



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