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Martha Breathless Wrinkled Soles

A petite girl ties up and torments a much larger girl (in this case, Martha) with HOM smother and throat squeezing chokes. The petite girl is jealous of the attention that men give Martha’s huge beautiful feet… and she’s going to take out her frustrations on her ’til she becomes motionless.
We open on Martha seated in a chair. Her feet are thrust out in front of her – placed on top of a table or desk so that the camera can capture both the soles of her feet and her beautiful face throughout the action. She is bound: hands tied behind her back (or to the arms of the chair), her legs are tied at the knees and ankles and a thin cord is wrapped around her two big toes to hold her feet close together.
“Let me go,” Martha demands.
“Not ’til I teach you a lesson,” the petite girl responds…
The petite girl then places her hand over Martha’s mouth and pinches her nose closed to cut off her breath. We see Martha struggle helplessly against the bonds. Especially important: Martha scrunches her toes and wrinkles the soles of her feet while her petite tormentor suffocates her.
After a few moments, Martha is released. She gasps for air – spreading her toes as she hauls big gulps of air into her lungs. The reprieve does not last long as the petite villain once again grips Martha’s face in a suffocating HOM maneuver. Once again we see the big girl’s feet clench and wrinkle, her toes pointing and flexing as she twists against her bindings. This on again/ off again HOM comprises the first half of the video.
Then halfway through the ordeal, our small girl switches tactics: she stands behind Martha and wraps her hands around the big girl’s neck. She dominantly squeezes Martha’s throat, choking her. We again see her succulent soles clenching and straining as she chokes, gasping for air as the petite girl wrings her neck.
After a time, the small girl releases Martha’s neck – giving her a brief moment to suck air into her lungs… before gripping her throat again. Tighter. Longer this time. We see Martha’s smothered face and her wrinkled soles as she suffers the tiny girl’s terrifying torment. This throat squeezing / choking aspect continues to the end of the video.
Eventually Martha become fainted from the lack of air and our petite villain exits the scene.

10 minutes



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