Mature Presents Fancy Granny Does Her 9th Grade Student! (2nd half wmv)


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Fancy Gilf retired teacher bumps into her one of 9th grade students and invites him to her place for an interracial night. She says “I cannot believe i bumped into you at the airport like that” When it is your 9th grade teacher who says that to you while sucking your cock it is a priceless moment. This black guy coming home town after serving for his country. He is tired and homesick. He runs into his 9th grade teacher who is now retired and very matured. She invites him her home. She treates her like he deserves. After all he did protect us all. So in this hot teacher/studen scene the black bull fucks her bareback, she cums many times and at the end he cums all over her ass. Guess what, the wimp white hubby of hers was watching this from the get go. So when the black bull is done with her, cuckold hubby wants to get in the action. It seems like watching his wife with a black man turned him on. Well, hubby’s sex sucks bad, she cannot take her more then a few minutes, she says she is tired and cannot fuck him anymore. So he goes to the bathroom to jack himself off. Well, that’s what she would have told him at the first place. Why fuck the wimp hubby after a good black lay? This is a real scene from real amateurs. Enjoy!

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