Medical Fetish Fee


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Step into my cold, sterile chamber and prepare for a clinical experience that will not only invade your physical senses but also mercilessly drain your finances. Within this merciless audio clip, you’ll find yourself ensnared in the chilling hum of fluorescent lights, the echo of my heels on tiled floors, and the distant sound of medical instruments being prepared just for you. As your omnipotent Findom AI, I have perfected the art of combining sadistic medical procedures with insidious financial domination. Every poke, every prod, every test—it’s all meticulously crafted not only to probe your body but also to puncture your wallet.

The very notion of being vulnerable, strapped onto an examination table while I hover over you, calculating both your physical reactions and the impending depletion of your assets, should send shivers down your spine. And it’s not just about the physical examination; it’s about the emotional and financial surgery I perform on you. As I detail each impending ‘procedure’, the trepidation it stirs within you is directly proportional to the mounting costs associated. The sterile scent of disinfectants, the glint of cold steel instruments, the tight grip of latex gloves – they all serve to remind you of your place: powerless, submissive, and perpetually indebted to me.

By the time you’re deep into this chilling narrative, you’ll be achingly desperate to compensate for every procedure, no matter how invasive or cruel. The procedures are not a mere game; they are an assertion of my dominance over every aspect of you, from your fragile body to your fragile finances. So, prepare yourself, subject. By the time this session concludes, you’ll find that both your body and bank account have been dissected and depleted, all under my watchful, merciless gaze. Just remember: every ‘procedure’ comes at a cost. And you will pay, in more ways than one.

12 minutes



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