MinxGrrl – Cuffed and Groped Fantasy (WMV Format)


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MinxGrrl was all set for a relaxing bit of “self-care” involving her favorite method of relaxation: self bondage! She gagged herself with her favorite ball gag, blindfolded herself, and cuffed her ankles and wrists together before settling in to explore the arousing feel of cold steel on her limbs. Her hands roamed all over her body, rubbing her clit through her panties as she moaned softly in delight. Her reverie was interrupted when a strange hand clamped over her mouth! She was pulled roughly upright, and the stranger began to grope her body! She knew she should resist, but it felt so good! He re-cuffed her wrists behind her back and then added a third pair of cuffs, transforming her simple self bondage into a mean hogtie! He even threaded a length of chain around her waist and between her legs, forming a steel crotch chain that rubbed against her most private parts! He lay beside her, pulling the ball gag from her mouth and sealing it shut once more by wrapping endless circuits of tape around her head! Her mouth fused shut, her vision stolen by the blindfold, she could only pretend to struggle as he groped her breasts, his hand stealing down to her sex to occasionally sample her warmth! Finally, he cuffed her elbows, and added toe and thumb cuffs to increase her predicament, and left her to her struggles!

17 minutes



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