MIRROR IMAGE, PART 2 Starring Astro Domina (IPAD Version)


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In Part 1, I thoroughly humiliate my repugnant slave by making him suck my cock while watching himself in the mirror I conveniently “mounted” to my leather strap on harness. But that was only the warm up. Once his mouth and throat have been properly trained, it’s time to turn my attention on his virgin ass.

As I ass fuck him relentlessly, it serves to remind him that he is owned by me. Controlled by me. In a position of servitude to me. And only me. Now bend the fuck over slut, shut the fuck up, and open wide for me. I ass fuck him into oblivion, make him into a sobbing little bitch and turn his little man hole into a fucking man cave. I pound every last bit of male driven ego out of him and then roll him over on his back so that I can watch his eyes as I take his masculinity from him!

To take his humiliation to the next level, I instruct him to jerk off his puny cock, while I fuck him senseless…face to face! Looking him in the eye, I furiously pump my dick into his hole…slapping his ass hard…and pounding his prostate even harder. Will I even allow him the privilege of cumming in my presence? We shall see if the mood strikes me. 



7 minutes



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