Miss Monaco in: The Buxom Bride Investigates: “It Was Tarquin! He Bound & Gagged Me While Targeting Those Wealthy Guests – The FIEND!” (HD)


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With her sexy, fast-talking (until now) mouth positively PACKED to capacity, she glares at him, utterly dumbfounded as he further binds her face and head with thick cloths. All of this on TOP of a heavy damned mouth stuff-taping??

Want to keep me quiet, do you, Tarquin…?? She wiggles heatedly as he checks her ropes and locks her away in the closet. By the time anybody finds her ass – he and his gang of crooks will be long gone!

It’s a glorious day to be married. But where on EARTH is that gorgeous bride…? Well, what the brazen thief hadn’t counted on was her penchant for thwarting crimes – even on her Wedding Day! Indeed, sultry beauty Miss Monaco has noticed the odd food and beverage delivery van showing up throughout the morning, and the weird chaps coming and going, always seeming to cover their lower faces with their hands whenever passing by one of the CCTV cameras monitoring the security for her special day. Hmmmmm…

Having easily peeled away a decal sticker from one of the vans, she sees it really is not a catering vehicle at all. These guys are up to no good. Now, she needs to get to the bottom of matters without somehow ruining her special day. Only Miss Monaco could do it! But, secretly, even she cannot… Mwuhahahaha etcetera.

Later that day, with all of the guests arrived and the beautiful bride having just had her luxury hair all sorted, she makes an excuse and slips away. She could not possibly believe Tarquin, an old pal from college days, could be involved in this, but she notes him creeping off upstairs and heading into a disused study… where he promptly vanishes, not to emerge…

Tarquin. WHAT are you up to? She doesn’t immediately find Tarquin (wait for THAT), but she does hear a whirr from inside a closet. Sneaking over to it, she discovers the security system and hunkers down to take a closer look. It’s all been zoomed in to see who is wearing what in the way of expensive jewellery! Tarquin, how are you involve in –


A treacherous mitt indeed is suddenly clamped over her mouth, and before she knows it, Tarquin has her all tied up and is GAGGING her (the nerve!!) with his pocket handkerchief! Shoving the Bride-to-be most unceremoniously into the closet, he jumps on her with his ropes and tape and does not STOP until he has her completely overwhelmed.

With that, the dirty, double-dealing little scumbag has a good feel of her massive hot boobies and leaves her gagged and bound – unable to interfere in this rapidly unfolding crime!

Rather than follow Tarquin (as dishy as he is…) we are instead shut inside with the delicious bride, who barefoot and all knotted up, is giving us WAY too much to think about. As she mumbles magnificently, we share that cramped, exciting, closed-in space with her as she thrills us, trying as hard as she might to raise the alarm!

When, later, Tarquin checks up on the disappeared bride, he continues to bind her mouth, even tying her fucking head up bonnet-style, as a last cheeky gesture. He’s done an exquisite job of keeping her well-silenced and all done up as the crime geos off without a hitch. When, much later, one of the guests finally stumbles across her to tell her of what has gone on, one can either IMAGINE the exquisite bride’s response, or nab this amazing clip, with a quickness.

It’s pure FIRE! We love this hot, feisty as fuck woman…. Almost, enough to marry her ass…

***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants aged over 18 and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***

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