Misty Sensually Worships Akira’s Size 9’s (HD WMV)


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Starring Misty Meaner & Akira Shell

HD (1280 x 7280) WMV

Being an expert foot worshiper, Misty is a big fan of Akira’s picture-perfect feet! Her shoe size is todie for! Sitting on the couch with her friend, Akira catches Misty staring hungrily at her perfect pumps. Misty is begging to know which set of toe rings and toenail polish lays under! Lucky for her, Akira’s in the mood to show off her gorgeous feet, and if Misty follows every instruction Akira will let her worship them to her liking. 


Pussy dripping with excitement, Misty immediately removes Akira’s pumps and there goes her feet poking out in front of her. Such a sight, with the perfect pink silky soles! She sniffs each inch of her feet from the soles down to the in-betweens of her toe-cracks. 


Moaning in pleasurable shock, Akira reacts when Misty suddenly leans closer and slides her slippery wet tongue on her sensitive soles. Looking up eagerly at Akira for a look of approval, she gets it and eagerly starts to lick every single wrinkle and spot on her feet. It’s just too! She’s baffled to see how the feet she has long adored is now in front of her, all soaked from her own saliva. Akira moans in pleasure as Misty’s soft wet tongue rubs up and down her soft soles.


She teases her more with her teeth nibbling the sides of her feet causing Akira to giggle from getting tickled. Her feet crunch and curl from too much sensation! It’s just too much for her to handle as the saliva drips down in long strands down off Akira’s soft, pink heel. Throwing her head back in pleasure, Akira scrunches her toes in as a wave of extreme pleasure washes over her from the foot action.


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