More Than Just a Fetish


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More Than Just a Fetish


Perhaps it all started with a harmless fetish and maybe you never thought you’d find yourself in this situation… until you had the privilege of finding Me.

From the moment I took hold of your vulnerable cock and mind, your entire life shifted, adopting a new purpose. That purpose now revolves around pleasing Me and has become your top priority.

And because you’re well aware of how your longing intrigues Me, you’ll do anything to stimulate My desire to utilize you even more

I’m certain you never imagined that being My little bitch could evoke such intense feelings that would lead you to an irreversible addiction.

I know exactly how to keep you on the edge, over and over again, until you’re entirely reprogrammed to believe that the sole source of satisfaction you yearn for is to remain under My control… Perpetually DENIED.

Why stop here? BINGE.

Length:9 min
Size:2600 MB

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