My Best Friends Step-Mom Knows I’ve Been Watching Her ( PART 3 )


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I went next door to borrow a cup of sugar from Mrs. Hanson. Her stepson David is my best friend and we have been neighbors for a long time. For the last 6 years I’ve had these feelings for Mrs. Hanson. My bedroom window is directly adjacent to hers and I take every opportunity to masturbate while watching her. Anyway, I came over to her kitchen door and knock. I can tell she was expecting my stepmom and not me because she called out her name. She is smoking which because of her has become my strong fetish. She looks so slutty when she smokes, and it intensifies my fantasies about fucking her while she’s doing it. We small talk for a few minutes but out of the blue she tells me that she is aware I’ve been watching her. I’m so embarrassed and I try to deny it, but she seems to think it’s funny. She finishes getting the sugar that I came for but just before handing it to me she drops the top of her dress and exposes her beautiful tits to me. My cock is instantly erect, so Mrs. Hanson drops to her knees and begins to give me a smoky blow job. In just a few minutes of her sucking my cock I feel like I’m going to cum. Mrs. Hanson must have sensed it because she stopped sucking me. Instead, she sits on the kitchen counter with her legs spread wide. Mrs. Hanson wants me to return the favor and eat her wet pussy. She tells me just how she likes it and soon my inexperienced tongue brings her to an orgasm. Mrs. Hanson gets off the counter and turns her ass towards me because she wants to get fucked. With the cigarette in her mouth, I push my cock into her pussy and start to pound her. Soon, I have her moaning and cuming and I think she’s wanted my stiff cock for some time. I can feel the cum well up deep in my balls and just in time I pull out and cum all over her ass.

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