Naughty Girl Gets What She Needs: Spanked in His Bedroom – MP4 1920×1080


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This is the follow-up to “Alice’s Spanking Fantasy” and it’s a hot story where Alice Merchesi is determined to get what she wants! Recently during a visit, the girl admitted to her step-dad that she needed a spanking from him, in fact she only trusted him to discipline her. In those tense moments Mr. Merchesi agreed to tan her bare bottom if Alice was brave enough to ask such an unusual request.

However, after Alice was given her spanking she unknowingly stuck around the house. So, when Mr. Merchesi went to his bedroom he found Alice laying on his bend and shaking her bottom. There was some confusion and Alice made her intentions known…she wanted to stay and she wasn’t leaving that bed! Mr. Merchesi reacted swiftly and began spanking her bottom without one once of regret, she would eventually be placed on all fours for more spankings and a delicious strapping with his leather belt:)

As the punishment continued, and after the hairbrush had smacked Alice’s naked cheeks…Mr. Merchesi came to a realization. Alice wasn’t leaving and the girl felt that she was where she needed to be. Eventually Alice would be given a vibrator and she rode that beast while her step-dad vigorously spanked her with both of his hands. Mr Merchesi would occasional give Alice a moment to compose herself though he would be spreading her cheeks or attending to her glowing red bottom! From the outside it looked like a torrid and taboo tale,…but for Alice…her dreams had come true.

16 minutes



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