Nicotine fit


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Dress in a sexy low cut outfit. Hair long, full make up and 4 cork filter cigarettes.
Talk about your smoking too. How much you love it and need it.

Cigarette #1

The smoking goddess has sent her guy out for cigarettes. He got stuck in a traffic jam and has been delayed. You haven’t had a cigarette in a couple of hours and are needing a one badly. You hear him come into the house and beg him for a cigarette. “Baby please give me a cigarette. Hurry, hurry I need one badly. What took you so long?”

You open a fresh pack, take out a cigarette place it between your lips and light it. Suck the filter long and hard and inhale deeply with your mouth wide open but no smoke showing because you inhaled it all. With your lungs filled with smoke tilt your head back and exhale with a deep satisfied expression on your face. Suck on the filter even longer and harder for the second puff again inhaling deeply with your mouth wide open with no smoke showing and exhale heavenly tilting your head back and closing your eyes.

For the rest of the cigarette smoke it your usual sexy style showing a huge ball of smoke in your mouth before you inhale. Tell me how good it tastes and feels in your lungs and how bad you need cigarettes in your life. You can’t live without them.


Cigarette #2

“Baby I have to have another cigarette my craving is so strong right now.”
You light up a fresh cigarette and again suck hard on the filter like it was your only friend. Take deep hungry dramatic drags and inhale deeply like you just can’t get enough smoke into your lungs and exhale like you just had an orgasm. Lots of those sexy smoking sounds you are so good at making. You are in a deep sensual smoking trance and all you care about is filling your lungs over and over.


Cigarette #3

You are over your nicotine fit and just feel sexy now and of course you want another cigarette but you are not so desperate now. “Come close to me baby taste my lips, my tongue and breathe my smoky breath.” You are in full seduction mode now. Show your smoky tongue as you inhale once in a while (don’t stick it out too far, just enough to see it through the smoke and inhale all the smoke on your tongue, don’t leave it there too long.)
 Talk about how sexy you feel when someone watches you smoke.


Cigarette #4

You are completely turned on and horny now and you want to seduce your guy and drive him crazy with desire. Intense heavy smoking for the last cigarette and ask him “Do you love my smoking baby?” Use your sexy smoking sounds and your imagination on this last cigarette and turn me on. By this time you know what I like. Feel free to talk about your smoking habit.

17 minutes



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