*No Escaping The Ass Titan – Featuring Goddess Kendra Allure – SD*


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Watch the first part of this series:  Beneath The Ass Titan

Now that you’ve experienced what its like to have your face sat on and smothered beneath Goddess Kendra Allure’s amazing ass, but now you’re going to find out what its like to have your entire body swallowed up between Her heavenly cheeks! “You’re going to disappear! … You might not come back.” You wouldn’t mind being swallowed up by Her ass would you? Feeling your tiny body being pushed deep in between Her soft, massive cheeks. You’ll be DEEP in Her ass crack, buried alive with no hope of escape. She knows you’re ok with that tho, She knows how obsessed with Her you’ve been. Being Her shrunken ass slave for as long as you survive is the best thing that you could ever do with your life!

So why are you struggling? Does the weight of Her giantess ass feel like its going to crush you when She sits? Is it hard to breathe with your face shoved tight into Her asshole? Don’t worry, you’ll survive… for awhile. One day you’ll end up sucked all the way into Her ass and may never be seen again, but for now just relax and enjoy the feeling of Her soft, warm ass tightly embracing you. You’ll never escape The Ass Titan!

13 minutes



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