One Night Stand Gone Wrong – Jane Cane


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One Night Stand Gone Wrong – 8:51 Fucking bitch. You bought her $13 martinis all night long. You were a gentleman, you gave her all of your attention. You invested a lot into this girl. She was a sure bet to go home with you. She says yes! You’re in the Uber together headed back to your place. She starts rubbing your leg. You lean in to kiss her. Before you know it, you’re making out hot and heavy in front of this stranger driving you home. Finally, you’re back to your place and things keep escalating. She’s taken her top off! You get down in between her legs and lick her pussy. You eat her so good she cums three times in your mouth. You come up to put your cock in her mouth. It’s only fair, right. She should reciprocate. But this bitch is fucking snoring! WTF!!! You can’t rest. You just lie there in anger all night long. The next morning, you unleash the fury when this bitch wants a cup of coffee. You demand she suck your cock. When she’s down there, you keep thinking about what a nice, tight pussy she has. You grab her by the throat, and take her there doggystyle on your bed, spanking her ass, making it nice and red. You continue to use this bitch until you cum in her cunt. She’s not going anywhere until you’re satisfied. Jane Cane, Shiny Cock Films, hardcore, hard and fast, pov, blowjob, pov sex, creampie, blow job, cream pie, fantasy, roleplay, role play, big ass, big butt, big booty, big dick, male domination, domination, taboo

9 minutes



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