Orgasm Caning!


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Miss M. makes slave p. pay for the orgasms she grants him the great privilege of giving her: 2 strokes per orgasm. And Miss M. does NOT mess about when she canes him – there is no warmup and it’s extremely painful!

But because the Ladies she sends him to serve lately all had wanted to cane him she has been holding back – and the orgasms have been piling up. 169 orgasms means 238 strokes. And Miss M. makes it even more interesting by inserting a huge cucumber in his ass before she starts caning him! It’s amazing how easily it goes inside. And it stays inside for the entire duration of the caning.

Background story:
Usually Miss M. does not cane slave p. before sending him to serve another Lady. But this time the Lady he was being sent to serve in Copenhagen was curious about seeing real marks from a caning. So this caning was done the same morning he was sent … and the Lady loved the marks!


Miss M. owns her husband who is her real life slave. They life in a 100% Female Led Marriage and he is locked in permanent chastity 24/7/365 in the most extreme Cock Cage ever built; secured by 11 heavy duty steel rods pierced through his cock and scrotum he is forever denied erections and orgasms. He is Miss M.’s toy and she loves to share him with other beautiful and wonderful Dommes….

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