Pandora roughly tickles feet of Annabelle in stocks and a straightjacket – Part 2 (UHD 4K MP4)


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By John. Made by request
This is a continuation of the first part of the clip, with the only difference being that the camera angle has changed. Pandora continues to tickle Annabelles feet. The ticklee is tightly restrained in stocks and a straitjacket, and ballgagged.Of course, this video isnt so much about tickling in Pandoras tickling style, as Pandora is pushing the boundaries here. She admitted this herself later on.
In general, Pandora wasnt too pleased with that moment that Annabelle wasnt responding to her tickling properly, and she wanted to escalate things. As a result, she applied overly intense and active pressure on Annabelles feet at times. As for Annabelle, she looks incredibly sexy and appealing all tied up in the straitjacket and big ballgag. She also demonstrates remarkable endurance, as its not that easy to withstand such a prolonged tickling session, especially when your tickler has long claws and hungry eyes. Enjoy!
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