Potion of Impotency


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In desperation, you go to see the local witch for a solution to your problem of not being able to get aroused in the bedroom. You havent felt like a real man since you are always impotent and small. To be sure she can help you, she makes you take out your cock fully so she can check a few things. Then she stares at it with a disapproving look for a very long and uncomfortable amount of time.
Finally, she says that she has the perfect solution in the form of a potion that you can take. But its missing an ingredient that you have to give her. She tells you this final piece is your cum. Enticing you and commanding you to stroke as her good boy, she makes you cum into her potion bottle. You watch as the bottle glows eerily different colors. She waves her hand over it before telling you it is ready. She pours it into a black goblet shaped like a skill and demands you drink it all. Every last drop of the potion now filled with your cum.
After you drink, thats when she reveals that what you drank was a Potion of Impotency. Not a cure…. but a potion to CAUSE impotency. Now you are trapped and weak. No longer a man. Instead, you are a cum guzzling pindick loser.

15 minutes



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