Potty Privileges Revoked!


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Feat. Dacey Harlot

As soon as you walk in the room, you know you’re in trouble.  Dacey is sitting waiting for you and sitting next to her is the diaper bag.  You recognize it from the last time she put you in diapers for having skid marks in your boxers.  Since then you’ve been super careful, making sure never to make that mistake again.  What could she have that out again for?

Dacey doesn’t leave you wondering for long, almost instantly scolding your for pissing on the toilet seat.  She knows that it was you. You’re the only one in the house who would have done this.  Plus she knows how tiny your cock is.  Constantly dribbling all over your balls, on the floor and on the seat.  It smells like a barn in there because you’re just pissing everywhere.  Dacey is fed up, and yes, the diaper bag is back out because your Potty Privileges are being Revoked! This time for a year! 

But you’re not getting off that easily, oh no.  Dacey makes you strip down naked in front of her, your not just getting diapered, you’re going to bend over her lap and take a spanking on your bare bum.  Dacey spanks and scolds you for being disgusting and taunts you about being her little man again.  Dacey spanks you hard, turning your ass bright red.  When you try to wiggle away she holds you close and finishes with a flurry of swats before ordering you to the ground for your first diaper change.

Dacey pulls out your new diapers, covered in cartoons and rocket ships.  She wipes, powders and changes you while laughing at how red your bum is and how ridiculous you look in these big fluffy diapers.  This is your life now for the next 364 days, 24/7.  Work, the gym, when you visit your friends and family, you’ll be wearing these.  Filling them in front of everyone and sitting in it all day until Dacey feels like cleaning you up and changing your diaper again.  And let’s be honest, that’s probably only going to happen once a day, if you’re lucky. 


Diaper Humiliation – Spanking – Humiliation – Discipline – ABDL 

10 minutes



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