POV CLIP: Caught being a sneaky wanker


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Hi Mistress Mia, here it is…


You walk in the room saying, “Got anything to tell me?” I gulp nervously

knowing I’m in trouble. I answer “Um no ” You kick me hard in the balls rendering me helpless. You knock me out

me, I wake up cuffed behind my back laying on the on the floor.


You’re standing over me hitting me with

your crop, stepping on me and digging your heel into me making me wake up. You order me to get up on my knees.


My cock and balls are now locked inside a different chastity cage. It aches straining to get hard.



There’s a new collar around my neck. You tell me they are controlled by your phone to tighten, loosen, shock or vibrate.


You give me a sample. I am getting choked and groan in pain from the shock on my cock

and balls.


You tell me you have been secretly video tapeing me and have caught me in the act of finding

the key to my other chastity cage, removing it, masturbating to climax, then replacing everything and

acting normal when you returned from shopping.


You angrily snarl and whip me over and over swearing

at me lecturing me. After the beating you start watching the video on your phone making fun of me,

mocking me, laughing and humiliating me.


you have me lay on a table on my

back. You inflict more punishment, Face slapping. nipple, and c.b.t. shocking the cage, hitting my balls

with a crop.


You are ready with your strap on. On my knees I worship your boots then your strap on face

fucking me degrading me. , I’m ordered to lay on my back again.



Facing me at tables edge you enter me. I’m really turned on bulging and oozing pre cum. You remove the

chastity cage having me edge myself as you peg me ordering me not to cum.


You bring yourself to climax.

You deny me. The End (Maybe you can come up with a

better ending?)


18 minutes



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