Presley Leotard in Water Combo MOV


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**MOV VERSION OF VIDEO** Presley wearing a tight blue spandex leotard and shiny pantyhose tights submerges herself into the bathtub filled with water. She feels how relaxing it is as she blows some bubbles. Knowing there’s no bubble liquid she decides to make her own as she goes underwater and lets air out of her mouth. She blows various size bubbles, some are small and some are large ones. Presley really does have fun and we can tell she can stay underwater for a bit of time. She looks fantastic and really sexy if you’re a fan of bubbles and wet look. video, Presley’s curious to find out after seeing other girls hold their breaths underwater to see just how long she can hold hers for. In the same outfit, she prepares herself and goes underwater. We were surprised to find out that she can hold hers for almost a minute as she does this 5 times and with the longest being over a minute! Presley officially is now the champion besting Rosie’s time. She tries several ways of positioning herself in the bathtub, laying on her back, on her side and face down. Watch to see how long she was able to manage to stay underwater for in this video. Presley’s definitely proud of herself and listen to her talk will make you smile. 

13 minutes



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