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Princess Mabel is one hot fucking brat, but what makes her truly special is her ability to mindfuck losers in a bratty tone that is simply unmatched! Her verbal manipulation has had men addicted for years. Once you hear her, you cannot escape her voice. Her giggle will ruin you. There are few others who have ever compared to her verbal wizardry.

This Mega Pack contains ten of her hottest clips, 5 of them have audio and visual effects! There is over an hour and a half of content for just $18.99! But you won’t make it through two minutes of her voice before blowing your load lol! Seriously, you will be jerking off to her night after night as you beg her to ruin you. And she will while she laughs in your face. She truly despises losers like you and takes pleasure in breaking you down and making you beg her to destroy you.

Below are the titles of the clips included in this Mega Pack:

Scammed By Princess Mabel – You’re Still Right Where I Left You Five Years Ago

Obsessed With Princess Mabel

College Brat Drains Your College Fund

You’re My Addicted Pay Puppet, Beg Me To Ruin You

Stop Thinking Idiot, Let Me Do All The Thinking For You

Turning Useless, Socially Awkward Jerk Zombie Rejects Into My Good Pets

Brutal Reality Mindfuck For Chronic Masturbating Failures

You Stupid Little Mindfucked Idiot, You Can’t Escape This Addiction, Can You?

You Have No Control Over Your Sad Masturbation Addiction

Cruel Pigtailed Lollipop Brat Spits In Your Face, Perv

96 minutes



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