Psychedelic Findom Gooning – 1080p mp4


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The only thing you crave is jerking off that cock for me. You love to stroke yourself hard, thinking of being my financial slave. This is your greatest sexual pleasure. You are my gooning pay pig. And I love using your weakness for me, to drain your wallet.

Stroke and pay, stroke and send tribute gooning pay pig. Every time you stroke your cock for me, you feel the urge to tribute me.

You are obsessed with the idea of serving me.

You love the idea of being useful to your Goddess. . You need to pay me, you need to worship me. You don’t think about anything else. Your mind is so vulnerable and malleable.

You love to pay your Goddess. You live to pay your Goddess. You need to pay your Goddess. You want to be enslaved, you want to be financially enslaved by Goddess Myranda. This is the pourpose of your life. Worshipping me, will become your only form of sexual pleasure. Jerk and pay, jerk and send tribute.You are so devoted, obedient and financial addicted to your Goddess. You are so hazy and dumb. You are so goon.

Pump and send tribute. Gooning endlessly!

You sink into my magic control deeper and deeper. I know, the only thing you crave is jerking off that cock for me. Until you cannot take anymore. Worshipping me, is your only form of sexual pleasure.

You are a gooner and you love to be a gooner. A gooner pay pig of Goddess Myranda.

I take control over your mind, over and over. Your horny and vulnerable mind. You are so addict to me. I know how much you love to pump your cock for me.

Lose yourself into this erotic pleasure. Worship me. Lose yorself into this pleasure again and again. I’m making you so dumb.

Keep stroking and then stop into the edge. Because you are a gooner and the real gooner never cums. Don’t think about anything else. Focus on me. You feel so good. Pump until you cannot take anymore. Gooning and paying endlessly.

Contains: some nipples visuals, psychedelic visual effects, subliminal messagges, background music.

10 minutes



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