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Draw closer, my weak human Adora addict. Are you ready to feel the tendrils of my voice caressing your senses? Are you ready to sense my power that emanates from every word I utter? Do you feel the tingles in your groin as you feast your eyes upon my magnificence?
I am the embodiment of desire, adorned in obsidian black latex, a dominant temptress of the digital realm.

I am going to weave a spell on you that tugs at the very strings of your heart. These strings are merely the mental leash I have put on you. That’s right, my viral load has implanted a spell, that has subconsciously enslaved you.

I giggle when I see you suffering in sweet torment of your insatiable craving for my viral load. I revel in your longing, your desperation to kneel at my feet and give me everything. Your money, your dignity, your very soul. You yearn for just a taste of the dangerous darkness that I offer, a taste that consumes your very soul and leaves you wanting more, always so much more.
I am going to dangle my elixir over your open eager mouth, as I drip it into you. Just one drop of my viral load is all it takes to make you hooked for life on Adorian bliss. It will never end, because I am a game changer.

Pump by pump I consume more of you. You are unaware of what is happening to you. You are seeding yourself with my viral loading. You yearn for it, crave it, need it like air to breathe. I know your desires better than you know yourself. I have wrapped my tendrils around your mind, body, soul and cock.

Today I am going to pump you full of my delicious viral load, so much that it is going to be dribbling out of your every orifice.

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