Reagan & Mia’s Private Tickling Session (HD WMV)


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Starring Reagan Lush and Mia X

HD (1280 x 7280) WMV

Dripping with excitement for you to be here today, Mia & Reagan notice that you are already getting excited in front of the stripped-down and beautiful ladies… how fun this is going to be! Asking you to lay down and get comfortable for them, the two hot women wiggle and tease their expert fingers at you, looming towards you tauntingly. They start to tease you as they move their fingers up and down, closer and closer until they start ever so slightly touching and tickling your neck, causing you to squirm. Already aching, all the bloodrushes to your cock as it twitches and pulses for the two taunting ticklers to tease it with their touch.


Increasing the intensity of their tickling, they start looking for all of your most sensitive spots! They move on to tickling your balls, and tickling up your shaft, giggling as you squirm with pleasure and tickles. After thoroughly teasing your whole body, making every part of you sensitive they edging you with tickles, they finally decide to rub your cock for you. If only they were so nice- but they switch right back to tickles! What a frustrating build-up, as they alternate between tickles and teases. Balls aching and pulsing dangerously, you are pushed over your limits as your cock starts to burst and leak, all the while being tickled at the same time! Giving you the release you have so desperately wanted- was it as tantalizing as you imagined?

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11 minutes



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