Relax, Release, Replenish CEI


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Smiley wants to help you relax. She likes to help you wind down and release some stress. She politely and calmly instructs you to get comfortable and explore your body. Smiley guides you through a stress-free stroking session. She gets descriptive on your hand motions and body positions to ensure you are going to have an amazing orgasm. But exploring your body isn’t just about touch, it’s also about taste. She encourages you to taste your own pre-cum as it leaks from your dick. She motions the many ways you can transfer it from your dick to your mouth. Eventually, she tells you to get in a certain position. One involving you to lay on your back with your legs up. She wants you to cum on your own face and in your mouth, but not in a degrading way. You wouldn’t want to waste a part of you. It’s just recycling your energy. She gets into the position with you to help demonstrate. Smiley brings you to competition while in this position using a countdown. When she gets to one, you are instructed to shower your face with your precious liquid energy. This is to rejuvenate yourself. You are to spread it around your face and then lick your fingers to make sure you’ve gotten the full experience of self exploration. 

19 minutes



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