Robbed bikini girls! (Part 1)-MP4


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Sexy busty Tilly is getting ready in the bathroom in her bikini to go to the beach and to get some sun with her sexy blondie roommate Alba who is coming home soon from work; but while Tilly is in the bathroom, a shady masked figure enters the house; when Tilly comes out of the bathroom, she is roughly grabbed from behind in a roughly way, the intruder takes her into the living room with a very strong handgag. Tilly is immediately immobilized with ropes and gagged with a huge sponge and multiple pieces of tape; the intruder, despite having immobilized her, humiliates her by groping her tits and spanking her like a bitch; after a few minutes Tilly settled, the thief leaves her in the room to squirm in vain, after various futile attempts, Tilly hears the door open, it is Alba who has returned home; Tilly desperately tries to attract Alba’s attention who, despite Tilly’s moans, hears nothing and heads towards the bathroom to get ready to go out and go to the beach; the thief saw and heard Alba coming; returns to Tilly ordering her to be silent or it will be worse for her and her friend; he adds more rope to keep the sexy brunette even more calm, finished with her he heads to the bathroom to take the unsuspecting Alba and to finally settle the two noisy sexy roommates…(ENGLISH DIALOGUES, BONDAGE, ALL ROPED ON THE SCREEN, ROPE BONDAGE, BIKINI BONDAGE, GAGGED WOMAN, TAPE GAGGED, BOOBS EXPOSED, BIG BOOBS, WRAP GAGGED, HOME INVASION, WRAP TAPE GAGGED, GROPING, BAREFOOT, GAGGED GIRL, DID, ROLE PLAY, HD VIDEO)

26 minutes



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