Running Into Your Ex Wife


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I come home to you from a night out at the club, and, it was a good idea you chose to stay at home. You’ll never guess who I ran into! Your ex wife! And, she had the nerve to come up to me and start talking smack! TO ME!!! She said I thought I was some bad ass because of my physique and muscles, and that I thought every man wanted me. But I know what she was really mad at! It’s because I took you away from her! She kept yapping her mouth, on and on and on, making a complete fool of herself, whining about taking her husband away, bla bla bla. I gave her fair warning that she should probably shut her mouth, but I got tired of hearing her. So, I threw my drink in her face, told her “let’s go! I took your man, now I’m going to take you!” I give you details about kicking her ass in the parking lot, and I did it ALL for you, baby! I didn’t want to just leave her there, I mean, I’m not THAT cold hearted. So, surprise, I have her in the back of my car. I lug her inside and take off her blindfold so she can see just how you react to a REAL woman. I show and tell to her exactly why you chose me over her. I remind her that you don’t want a weak, fragile, frail woman. One that he can actually put his arms around…one with substance. I give a strip tease for you to show off my muscles while you kiss and worship them. I continue to ridicule her body while focusing on mine. I make her suck you off and then I finish the job, spitting out your seeds onto your ex wife! This is really her worst nightmare, but OUR fantasy come true! But hey, one last act of kindness, at least I call her an Uber to get out of our home! XOXO

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