Schoolgirl Pin in Black Panties


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He’s on his back on the floor with me on top holding his wrists and wrestling so I can pin him down and sit on his face. I’m wearing a short, flippy yellow skirt with a delightful green jumper that has a pattern of tiny foxes on it. Of course the little foxes are female ones which are also known as vixens, just like me.

We struggle as I gradually push his arms down, using my knees to help pin him. He has no chance and I end up sitting on his face in my shiny, silky black panties which are so soft that they immediately shape themselves around his nose for a perfect smother. Then I settle down on his face and move my thighs in tightly against his cheeks in a perfect schoolgirl pin. However this is a schoolgirl pin smother and I look down into his eyes as I make his arms helpless under my knees.

I tell him that I’m going to sit on his face for as long as I want and then move his arms up beside his head to make it impossible to move, taunting as I do. I tell him he’s big and strong and should be able to get free. He tries but I have him tightly pinned and tighten my legs on his face and wiggle too.

He attempts to fight me off and as soon as he moves I tighten the schoolgirl pin until he can’t move at all. Then I belittle him about his situation and about how I’m going to make him submit. He tries to move his arms and I softly giggle and tighten my facesit even more. Then I tell him I only have to wriggle forward and he will barely get any breath.

I’m determined to make him give in to me so I move further forward on his face to smother him even more. You’ll be able to hear his little snuffles of air as he tries to breathe while I look down into his eyes and taunt him. Eventually my smothering of him makes him desperately try to breathe but he can’t and when I ask him if he submits he has no choice but do so.

Now comes the part I love when I say  I should let him up because he submitted. Then I tell him it wouldn’t be a real pin if I didn’t count him out. His muffled moan is a wonderful turn on and I tighten my thighs even more beside his head so he knows he has a woman sitting on his face making helpless. I start the count and take a long time between each number, teasing him as I do.

His muffled snuffles of air show how desperate he is to breathe and I tease him about that as I very slowly count. I tell him that when I finish I’ll have to decide if I want to get off him. I’m looking down into his eyes and the look of frustration and despair in them is precious so I taunt him.

Eventually, I get to nine and spend some time talking about whether I’ll let him up when I finish counting him out. He is completely unable to move as I tease and torment him as he begs with his eyes. When it is obvious that he is utterly desperate, I say ten and to show I’ve beaten him, I stay sitting on his face talking about what I’ll do with him.

I finally dismount him and look at him as he desperately sucks in some air.

13 minutes



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