Severe Elbows Together Hogtie! Damsel Captured and Confined in Steel Tool Crate! Strict Leather Straps! Dirty Bare Feet! SD Version


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I’d dreamed my way into this confinement; imagining during many long nights what it would be like to be a damsel captured… When out for the evening, he had grabbed me from behind, the surprise was mixed shock, fear and excitement! Tied at ankles and wrists with a cleave gag in between my teeth he’d secured me inside the steel toolbox, disorientated and sensory deprived I lay there in the dark, till a jolt made me realize I was on the move in the box! He had tighter restrictions in store for me – black leather straps and a panel gag were waiting in the workshop room – when he lifted the tool chest lid and pulled me out. Stripping me from my strappy dress to stand nude in the cold air, barefoot upon the dusty concrete, as his firm hands maneuvered my toned, slim body, manipulating me in his bonds into a hogtie on top of the diamond plate metal surface I had so recently been stored inside. My arms were jammed together with not a gap between my elbows, blonde ponytail and the panel gagging me connected to the strap around my chest, hoisting my head back, ankles secured to thighs in a strict position proving to be a very severe predicament on my straining muscles. His strong arms lifted me onto the floor so I could breathe in the dust for a moment – my naked skin got as filthy as the dirty soles of my bare feet – before he lifted me back into the container and shut the lid. Confined, captured, damsel in the darkness once more.

15 minutes



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