SHoeJob Revenge Part-271


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Renee Adams has inadvertently started up another Original Film Series (Part-271) while simultaneously pulling off the ULTIMATE PRANK on an unsuspecting lady (Shannon Cream) who left her shoes in our guest room at our Las Vegas venue during an after party. Renees ultimate pet-peeve is when other girls leave their things behind and expect that she hold on to them until they see each other again. Well Renee Adams has HAD ENOUGH of that BULLSH!T so she is taking it out on each and every bitch who leaves her things behind; by taking it out on their SHoes!! Renee uses Russell Peter as a co-COCK-conspirator in the plot of the SHoeJob Revenge and of course hes more than willing to play along with Renee. Shannon was supposed to pick up these SHoes and failed to do so. nOW Renee will use them in SHoeJob Revenge part-271. Renee will mess up every pair of SHoes every week that they are not picked up! And this goes for ALL ladies who leave their SHoes behind!! So Renee begins this scene by whipping out his 10.5 inch cock and sucks on it to get it hard and super wet. Renee Adams knows that saliva is the ultimate organic, all-natural lube so she uses it to lube up Shannons clear pink Elizabeth Lang high heels so that Russells “PETER” can fuck them up. In this installment Renee Adams makes Russell Peters girthy cock fuck the SHoes and as her saliva dries up, she adds insult to injury by spitting even more into the SHoes as she slides Russells shaft through the SHoes! She uses her hands to tighten the SHoes grip as she speeds up the grind while the whores SHoes are getting fucked by Russells massive “PETER”! Look closely and youll not only see his pre-cum drip out of his cock but Renee never loses a drop as she continuously laps it up numerous times while they mess up the bitches SHoes! Russell Peters pre-cum builds up and starts to mix with Renee Adams spit and the SHoes become SUPER LUBED and Russells cock is able to grind smoother and faster through the tight space. Renee decides that its time for Russell to cum already and then Russell Peter shoots a super abundant gooey, ultra white and super thick CUMSHOT onto Shannons clear pink Elizabeth Lang high heels! Renee Adams laps up some of the cum and swallows it. Renee Adams holds up the shoe dripping with his thick white load so that Renee can photograph herself with the cummy shoes so she can text them to Shannon as a reminder of what will happen every time a careless stupid bitch leaves her stuff behind. The moral of the story is if you dont want your SHoes messed with by Renee and Russell, dont forget them or YOU WILL GET SHoe-PRANKED to the max! And for those of you waiting for the “SHoe to Drop” you are never disappointed as Renee Adams always drops every SHoe that is used in this series on the floor to properly end each and every scene! 
Enjoy watching the Two Hundredth & Seventy-First installment of SHoeJob Revenge
Starring + Directed by: Renee Adams & cock-starring Russell Peter in this original film series!
See more of Renee Adams at: https:///studio/36866
Executive Producer: Renee Adams

Length: 32 mins
Format: Mp4 in 1080 HD, access all of our films at: http://.com/studio/38004 & http://.com/studio/34951 & http://.com/studio/36866 & http://.com/studio/18941 & http://.com/studio/43951 & http://.com/studio/40327

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