Special Punishment for a Dirty Secret – MOV


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Kiki arrives home from cheer practice to discover StepMommy waiting for her, sitting in the spanking chair brandishing the dreaded wooden bathbrush and a mean scowl. Kiki wonders if she knows her naughty secret… and how would she know? Just how would she know? However, StepMommy does know all too well that Kiki’s slutty behavior with the Quarterback has made it home, and that the rude sexual act she performed on the young man will not go unpunished. Kiki had already been severely disciplined at school but StepMommy is far from satisfied with that and tells her that the bathbrush will be used across her bare buttocks after she goes over the maternal lap for a mean hand spanking. The cheerleader knows this punishment is deserved for the way she behaved so reluctantly accepts the spanking and the horrid wooden brush that has her bottom burning red while she grimaces in pain. As if this was not humiliating enough, StepMom has something additional in mind for what her precious darling put in her mouth and takes Kiki to the bathroom for the mouth soaping of all soapings. Her mouth is thoroughly washed and scrubbed with the nasty-tasting frothy soap bubbles until any nice thoughts of the Quaterback’s member are wiped from the slutty girl’s memory. This severe at-home punishment was carried out because StepMommy just wanted the best for her precious girl.

13 minutes



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