Step-sis Stuck in Dryer and Fucked


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Step-sis Stuck in Dryer and Fucked


I’m so tired of cleaning up after my step-bro! I try getting his clothes out of the dryer but I end up getting stuck! I call for my step-bro for help but he’s acting so weird! He starts making excuses to grab my ass and dry hump me while I’m stuck! He tells me I need to twerk to get unstuck while he slaps and rubs my ass, eventually he starts rubbing my pussy! I really wanna get un-stuck but what he’s doing feels so good so I play along. He ends up ripping my shorts right off of me!! He puts his dick right and me and pounds me hard before dumping a huge load right in my pussy! |||||||||||||||| TAGS: clothing destruction, clothes destruction, clothes ripping, ripped clothing, taboo, step-bro, step-sis, role play, doggystyle, rough sex, pigtails, creampie, cum shot, big ass, pawg, beautiful agony, face cam, pov, boy girl

Length:30 min
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