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This is a very Strict 2 tie movie.  Both ties are extreme hog ties.  When the masked man enters he is training me in a tough way to be a great slave.  I am in a micro bikini, and although at first I am smiling, it is soon turn to whimpering.  I am a little worried how tough this will be on me.  He has the camera rolling the entire time and makes sure the rope is so tight I can not get out.  He yanks me back into the toughest hogtie.  I am the ultimate Damsel in need of  rescue.  Yet it is my training and I must please he and you.  I make it through the first one.  I thought my training was done for that day.  NO it has just begun.  The second hogtie I am in my tiny micro bikini again.  The masked man walks in with rope to fasten my pretty mouth shut.  I even try not to gag talk.  The ropes around my wrists ankles and elbows are so much more strict.  I feel as if it is hard to breath.  Just then he ties rope around my pretty arched bare feet.  Ties my toes and pulls me into such a hard hogtie by connecting my pretty feet to my rope mouth gag.  After he is please it is tough enough, he walks off and leaves me to struggle in front of the camera just for you and tapes it to train me to be even better as your submissive slave.  This is a must watch for all bondage lovers.  It is amazing to see!!!

21 minutes



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