The Coach Episode #9: Milking Machine Ass Worship (Re-Mastered) (UHD WMV)


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Starring Akira Shell

UHD (1920 x 1080) MP4This clip is also available in Ultra 4k (4096 x 2160) MP4
Clip was remastered with color enhancing & resolution increase, then moved here at 35% off

Look whos trapped under Akiras mercy and her milking machine! While the suckers pump and milk every drop from your already aching and throbbing cock, Akira finds it more convenient to have you locked under her care so that she can torment and taunt you. In full defeat, you submit yourself entirely to the mercy of Akira. 
Such a weak, susceptible little mind you have. Youre going to give in to her over and over again, to get milked dry of your all precious juice. And while Akira gazes at you in awe, shell drain your cock dry of all its milk. Youll be locked in the milking machine, busting your nuts nonstop, while she drains your cock empty of every last drop. 
Even when you feel like you cant take it any longer, that machine wont let you go. Youll be stuck where you are, unable to do anything besides watch Akira twerk tease her juicy fat ass in front of you while she milks your cock mercilessly, sparing not a single drop of cum, ensuring that your sole value lies in producing milk and releasing every last bit of cum from within you while preventing you from ever getting the chance to bang or touch her.

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