The napping secretary ( 1 PART)




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Lady Maat is the boss of the company and has gotten many complaints from other employees about Numa, their colleagues say that she keeps tickling their feet at work. Therefore Lady Maat enters Numas office to confront her about the issue and she finds Numa napping and snoring loudly with her high heeled feet on the desk. She decides to teach her a lesson and starts tickling the tops of her feet, she uses a feather and sticks it into the high heeled shoe tickling her soles, then she removes one shoe and continues to feather tickle her feet. Numa is keeps snoring and dreaming about getting tickled and talks in her rest saying not to tickle her feet because shes too ticklish. The boss starts using her fingers to tickle her more relentlessly finding all her tickle spots. After a while Numa wakes up and tries to pretend to still be resting but eventually she cant take the tickling and bursts out laughing. Lady Maat tickles her until she promises not to tickle the other employees from now on.  
Lady Maat comes home and is ready to go to the bed, she lays down keeping her socks on and soon after she is snoring loudly. Numa then breaks into her house ready for revenge: she lifts up the covers and starts tickling Lady Maats socked feet. Numa removes one sock and is excited to finally see her bosses bare foot and even more excited to see if her foot is ticklish. Numa starts to tickle the heel, then the sole and finally the toes, and then removes the other sock and does the same tickling to it. Numa then takes out a feather and glides it up and down the soles and in between the toes saying “tickle tickle”, “coochie coo” while she tickles her soles. Lady Maat is dreaming about her husband playing with and tickling her feet, she talks seductively in her rest telling him to keep tickling her feet. Numa uses different tickle tools to explore her bosses feet finding all her tickle spots. Lady Maat is now dreaming about getting tickle interrogated about the code to her safe, she keeps saying she will never tell the code no matter how much she gets tickled. Numa likes the interrogation dream and just plays along and keeps tickling her feet, the boss eventually starts telling each number to her safe in the dream, after she has given up the code she wakes up and realizes Numa is tickling her and starts laughing hysterically. Lady Maat begs and pleads for the tickling to stop but Numa keeps going for a while. Numa was expecting Lady Maat to be mad but instead she confesses she always had a fantasy of a stranger sneaking in and tickling her feet. Finally they both go to rest with their feet sticking out from the covers rubbing them together and dreaming about getting tickled…

16 minutes