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REQUEST; Here is a scenario I hope youll consider recreating for me. Easy enough, and the dialogue doesn’t have to be exact … I included it just to show how the whole thing came about. I’d like Chloe and Kylie but any girls as long as their foot size isn’t drastically different.
Chloe and Kylie are hanging out one afternoon at a friends house. Chloe was sitting in the chair wearing open-toed platforms, and Kylie was barefoot, lying on the floor in front of her. 
As they talked, Kylie slid her left foot forward and bumped into Chloes right shoe, thinking it was the leg of the chair. She started playing with it and was shocked when she felt Chloes toes. Kylie pulled away, apologising, and both girls laughed.
Chloe said – “I don’t mind I like  playing with feet”. 
Kylie laughed… – “You like playing with feet?” 
Chloe replied she did, as she slipped out of her shoe and lifted her right foot up toward Kylie, saying, “Come on, sole to sole.”
Kylie looked up at Chloes foot for a moment, a little reluctant, but finally brought her left foot up and matched it with Chloes right. Both were smiling as they lined up and pressed their soles together. 
Chloe said she loves doing this and Kylie teased her about having a foot fetish.
Not embarrassed in the least, Chloe agreed that she probably does, slipped out of her other shoe and lifted her left foot in the air and said to Kylie… “Give me your other foot” .
Kylie, now less apprehensive and obviously enjoying it too, raised her right foot, and they placed their soles together. With the four feet now matched up and legs extended as in the picture, Chloe said, “I love playing with feet… dont you like the way it feels… your bare soles against mine? It feels amazing to me.”
Kylie kiddingly replied, “Yeah, you definitely have a foot fetish!” 
Chloe just shrugged it off with, “Well, you seem to be enjoying it.”
Kylie answered – “Youre lucky you have nice feet, or I wouldnt be doing this with you at all.” 
Both girls laughed as they continued. 
No “foot wars”, no pushing, kicking, etc. Just them enjoying the feel of their bare soles pressed together in this unusual footrest. The various angles and close ups you usually do would be nice. Thank you for considering it.
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