Until You Love Me (iPhone) – Vonka Romanov


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Vonka arrives from work to find Rick, one of her colleagues, waiting in her kitchen. He is someone who has persistently asked her out, despite her repeated refusals. She is both surprised and annoyed to find him inside her personal space, and pushes back when he says he is only there because he believes they would be perfect together, if she would only give them a chance. Vonka asks him to leave, and that triggers him to grab her, zip tie her wrists together behind her back and march her outside. He takes her to his own house where he removes the zip tie, but then makes her sit on a chair. He ties her up with rope, warning her not to try anything stupid. Vonka goes along with him, waiting for an opportunity to get away. After he has finished binding her and goes shopping for groceries to cook them a dinner, she works on the ropes until she finally manages to free herself. She is just departing the house when Rick returns and catches her. This time, he ties her up more tightly and places her in a hogtie on the floor. He leaves her alone while he goes off to cook some food, and once again, Vonka works on the ropes holding her. It takes some time, but she eventually manages to get loose. This time, she is able to get outside the house and starts running away. Rick realizes she has escaped, however, and chases after her, picking her up and putting her over his shoulder. He carries her back into the house and down the stairs to the basement. Angry now, he makes her strip down to her bra and panties before compelling her to climb onto a bed and lock her ankles in metal cuffs. With her unable to get away now, Rick secures her wrists with more cuffs, attached to the frame of the bed. Now there can be no escape. Alone again, Vonka struggles for a while, realizes that she can’t get free, and starts to call for help. This brings Rick back down the stairs, and now he gags her too to keep her quiet.

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