Veve Lane Karate POV Beatdown 4K UHD


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“Really? This 5’4”, barely even a featherweight, woman, is going to kick my ass today?”

No sooner had those thoughts materialized in my head when Veve starts with a kick straight to the head.


What a way to open a match.

Veve may look like a tiny, helpless, lady but deep down inside lurks the heart of a true fighter. Yeah… she kicks ass…

I should’ve realized that sooner because she was wearing a legit gi.

She tests her reach with a tentative straight.

It lands on my jaw. It’s a love tap. Knocks me back just a little.


I didn’t see the hook that followed.

That rocked me hard.

Veve, as soon as she determined the proper striking distance, let me have it.

The pain hasn’t even subsided yet before she gives me a front kick to the gut.

And then a sidekick to guess where… yep… the gut.

And then she gives me a front kick straight to the face.

My head snaps back.

She greets me with a series of elbows. From all angles.

I drop to the ground.

She urges me on.

I foolishly follow her instructions and get back up on my feet only to receive a push kick that brings me back down onto my knees.

“This is ridiculous…” I thought “How could someone so small drop someone so big so efficiently….?”


I didn’t even get a good answer…

I bet she’s standing over me right now, celebrating her win.

10 minutes



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