VeVe vs El Nino: Competitive Rematch + Facesitting Stakes


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VeVe and El Niño meet up for a rematch one year after their first competitive bout — this time with a couple of special rules.  Theres no stopping and resetting between submissions allowed so the pace of the match will be fast and furious.  And the stakes are high — the loser gets an extra-long, 10-minute, facesit-filled punishment round.
El Niño leaps into the fight with loads of energy and spirit attacking VeVe in the very first moments.  But up against her superior experience and equally high energy, he cant quite hang onto the advantage, and soon VeVe has him on the run.  She catches him in almost countless submissions, including headscissors, triangles, RNCs, armbars, the kimura, the twister, and the guillotine with no chance to rest in between.  
But although El Niño is sometimes overwhelmed by VeVes onslaught, hes never out of the fight.  Flexible, scrappy, and ever optimistic, he keeps up the struggle and keeps looking for chances to attack, occasionally managing to slip out of trouble, and often rushing right into more!
When the end of the match comes, its only the beginning of El Niños punishment.  Merrily laughing and teasing all the while, VeVe smothers him over and over with front and reverse facesits and squeezes him with tight face-in-crotch scissors.  She poses, preens, and flexes on top of him, her powerful body gleaming with sweat from the match, until she finally ends her celebration with one last throat-sitting double biceps victory pose.
A vigorous and high-action match with a friendly tone between two equally sized lightweight competitors.  15-minute wrestling match with 10-minute punishment round.  VeVe wears a g-string micro-bikini, and El Niño wear sports shorts.
1920×1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps.

27 minutes



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