Violetta – Lick My Toenail Polish (Full HD)


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Violetta paints her toenails and uses the slave as a human footstool to put her feet on his chest and face as well as a living trashbin to dispose all trash into his mouth. When she makes some kind of mistake, when paints her toenails, she immediately orders Alex to lick her fresh nail polish, before it dries. Poor slave lick and swallow as much as he can and feels disgusting taste of nail polish for a very long time… But, unfortunately, dumb slave is not so fast as Violetta wants. So she must clean the rest of nail polish from her toenails with cotton pad with nail polish remover on it. Then she puts it inside the slave’s mouth and makes him swallow it. After that she checks Alex’s mouth very carefully, to be sure, that he is really swallows everything… and you can be sure too, because this video with [PoS] Clip with Proof of Swallowing (special camera angle / without cut in specific scenes). You can find these actions several times in this clip. And yes, Violetta likes “zero waste” technology 🙂 You can be sure, that nail polish remover is burns like hell, first his tongue and mouth, and then, after swallowing, his stomach. After this mix heartburn and diarrhea are guaranteed. But cruel Violetta loves to dominate Alex in such way as well as make her pedicure efficiently. When she is finished with painting her toenails on both feet, she put her feet very close to the slave’s nose and orders him to dry her nail polish with his hot breath. It’s strong smell will be in Alex’s nose and lungs for a very long time. You also can find some PoV video taken from Violetta’s side.

Clip is 1920×1080 and MP4 (H265/HEVC) encoded

Duration: 16min 22sec

16 minutes



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