Weekend At Step-Auntie’s Part 3




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**Full video is uncensored**

It’s been awhile since you’ve last seen your step-aunt. It’s been even longer since you were able to spend time alone with her. So you decide to take off of work for the weekend and drive to her house so that you can surprise her with a weekend visit!

Once you get to her house, you call her and tell her you have a surprise waiting for her downstairs. When she walks into the room you can see just how ecstatic she is over you being there! She runs up to you and plasters you with kisses, unable to contain her excitement. It doesn’t take long until you’re both horny for each other.

Your step-aunt leads you to the couch where she takes your hard cock into her mouth. She goes up and down on your shaft, moaning while doing so. Her pussy is soaking wet and you play with her while she continues to pleasure you with her mouth. She wants your sum. She wants it shooting down her throat, and you give her just that. After you both cum, you go upstairs to rest, both of you excited for a weekend alone together.

The next morning, after spending the whole night cuddling with your step-aunt, you both wake up wanting to have sex. Your step-aunt teases you with her perfect pussy first. Gently rubbing it while dirty talking to you, so you will be absolutely rock hard and leaking precum before you go into her. Teasing you is also turning her on, and then she tells you to go inside you. She doesn’t just want it, she needs it. And so do you.

You lay her down on the bed and thrust into her while she moves her body to meet your thrusting. You two can finally take your time and be as loud as you want. It’s amazing not having to sneak around behind your step-family’s back like last time. And, it feels amazing pounding into her the way you are and you can see the pleasure all over her face. Finally, you cum together, with her pussy tightening up around your cock and you shooting your huge load deep inside of her. And then, it’s time to get your day started.

Once you get back to your step-aunt’s house Saturday afternoon, the two of you decide to relax for a little while. You both sit on the couch while she reads and you play on your phone. After relaxing for a little while you notice your step-aunt can’t concentrate on her book. She wants to go for round two. As she begins to undress there’s a knock at the door. She decides to ignore it until she hears a voice. It’s your step-mother! She has randomly showed up at your step-aunt’s house! Your step-aunt hurries up and gets dressed and opens the door. It seems like your step-mother will be over for the rest of the weekend…

Very early Sunday morning, your step-aunt sneaks into the room you’re staying in while her step-sister is still resting. She wants to pick up where the two of you left off before her step-sister decided to drop in, but you’ll both need to be quiet.

Your step-aunt gets on top of you, takes her shirt off and begins to ride you. It feels amazing, and it’s so risky. At one point, your step-aunt hears your step-mom get up, but thankfully she doesn’t come to the room. How bad would it be if the two of you are caught?! Soon, you and your step-aunt are both cumming together and even though you want her to stay, you both know that she has to leave your room before the two of you get caught by your step-mother.

Later that day, shortly before you have to leave, the three of you are watching tv on the couch. Your step-aunt whispers to you about getting some more alone time, so she makes up an excuse so that the two of you can go into the kitchen. Once in there, she complains about how your step-mother ruined the weekend for you two. There’s no telling when you’ll be able to see each other alone again, so you have to make these last few moments alone together count.

Up against the counter, with your step-mother in the other room, the two of you start fucking. Your step-aunt’s perky boobs bounce up and down as you pound into her rough and fast. It’s a shame that you can’t be alone, but knowing how risky it is having your step-mother so close by and how she can easily walk into the kitchen and see the two of you, is a turn on. You and your step-aunt cum together once again, your load going deep inside of her.

Even though this weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, it was still an amazing one.

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