Weekend At Step-Auntie’s Part 5, The Place




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Some time has passed since you have last seen, or even spoken to, your step-aunt. Youve been missing her, but after your step-mother found out about the relationship between the two of you, you were expecting to not talk for awhile. So when you get a call from your step-aunt, youre pleasantly surprised.
The two of you talk for a bit and she tells you that she has recently moved across the country. Then, she asks if you would want to come visit her. Your step-mother doesnt know where she lives now, so the two of you can have a weekend together without having to worry about your step-mother showing up again. You immediately say yes. Neither of you want to wait, so you take the next flight out to visit her the following day.
When you arrive at your step-aunts apartment she greets you in some sexy lingerie. Her excitement is almost tangible. She covers you in kisses, letting you know exactly how much she has missed you. Its not long before she is telling you how she can no longer wait to have you inside of her. First, she wants to take you into her mouth. And thats exactly what she does. Sitting on the couch, she has you bring your cock to her. She licks your cock, teases it with her tongue, bobs her head up and down on it. It feels amazing.
But what would feel even more amazing is having your cock buried deep inside her tight pussy. After she has sucked your cock a bit, she cant wait any longer to have you in her pussy, and so, as she lays back on the couch, you take her.
You thrust into your step-aunt as she moves her hips to match your thrusting. It feels even better than you remember it. And what feels even better than that, cumming inside of your step-aunt. Its not long before your step-aunt is on the verge of cumming, and she wants you to cum with her. To cum inside of her. And you do. You both reach the peak of your pleasure at the same time and cum hard together. After, the two of you relax for the rest of the evening.
Later that night, you are woken by your step-aunt on top of you. You immediately get rock hard feeling her petite body on top of yours. Feeling and seeing how hard youve gotten, your step-aunt lowers her pussy onto your cock and begins riding it. She alternates between slow and fast, taking control of both of your pleasure until you both cum, with you cumming inside of her for the second time now.
The next morning you get up and walk into the kitchen to see your step-aunt looking through the fridge. She doesnt have much to eat for the two of you, so instead, you can have each other for breakfast. She jumps up on the countertop and you pull her hips to the edge and start thrusting into her. Her petite body bounces with every thrust you make, bringing you closer to the edge. After you both finish, you decide to go out for the day.
Once you get back, the two of you are sitting on the couch relaxing. Your step-aunt then begins to tease you with how she wasnt wearing any panties while the two of you were out. Seeing her pretty pussy and seeing her touch herself as she teases you gets you rock hard. And seeing your cock, achingly hard for her, makes your step-aunt want it in her mouth again.
You lay down on the couch and your step-aunt lays down between your legs and starts sucking your cock. She goes up and down on it, sucking it like only she can, before she is too turned on and gets on top of you and rides your cock on the couch.
And then, its Sunday. Your flight leaves in the early afternoon. The feeling between you two that morning is bittersweet. Its hard to believe your time together is almost over, so you want to enjoy every last second with one another.
Your step-aunt begins rubbing your morning wood and you start touching her. The touching soon leads to sex. As you lay on your sides, facing towards one another, you go into your step-aunt. You sensually make love to her, going in and out, nice and deep, while watching all the pleasure youre giving to her on her face.
But before long, its almost time for you to leave for the airport. While youre happy you got to see her, the sadness youre both feeling at not knowing when youll next see each other is almost overwhelming. Before you leave, the two of you fuck one last time. And you savor every single second youre inside of her until the both of you are cumming together one last time.
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